Saturday, August 8, 2009

How's it?

After all and all, I don't really have such a good effort to burst the things mixing up in my mind about knowledge.. A beautiful and unique thing in life is about knowledge.. I am to enroll in faculty of economics. However, referring to the previous things, I realized that most of the educational system is oriented to the western's system .. no doubt, if you are a lawyer student, there's no a detail of hudud and qisas in your syllabus, and apparently, you wouldn't come out with punishment if muslims do wrongdoings.. We are such flown away by the system that are created by some humans' theories.. To look forward, one of my friends step his foot to my house, and we get into a simple discussion about this matter.. A world that full of irritating system. Yes. I confess nothing could change the wind of change rather than Islamic system.. My friend told me that "it's better to take faculty of Islamic economics rather than western one".. hmm, it struck me inside.. I realized once you learn Islam's study you will learn all sort of western thingy.. It's vice versating to learning western system.. I have a great feeling about his thoughts.. but time has bought my way, so somehow, I need to continue it.. It seems so terrible, right? By the way, I still remember what Saidina Umar has Said " Islam will omit from one if he doesn't know the truth of jahiliyyah" I need to positively assimilate my knowledge afterward. I mean there will be a great filtration after completing my study.. But there's a count when I get to know western thing.. Hmm seems assimilation would be so interesting but need to be more careful. I read something about Rotchschild family.. the cruelty of capitalism, the change of gold money to the paper one.. and it's gonna chock you if you know how the system leads the entire world now.. I guess there are a lot of scholars that feel so sorry for themselves as they learn such thingy.. so do I.. but bear in our mind the knowledge is a lost thing of mu'min, so whoever you learn from there will be the guidance if you filter in the view of Islam...
usrah tunjang tarbiyyah


  1. really aroused wih ur stories!!

  2. sorry..may i ask something..actually..i'm really interested wih ur stories. And ur spirit too..i juz hope ur experiences helps me througout diz unexpectedly life..n i wish u allow me to copy down ur stories into my collection..may i?

    *my english is not really good..i hope muzammir can correct it,maybe..hehe..thx!*

  3. sure u have it! but it has nothing to do with my spirit.. hope we all can gather youth's spirit in leading our world the blessing one.. do u have a blog? come out with ur spirit too.. thx for reading such mundane article..

  4. yes..i hope too..but youth's today spirits are juz nothing...mcm nk xnk jer...hehe..try to speak malay jap..kdg2..jdi xsmgt lak..ssah nk crik jwa cam saudara muzammir..=)

  5. hmm , I'm not the one who can boost those things.. I'm a normal person.. by right, we need to fight for our deen according to understanding "alfahm" not on spirit.. what if only spirit we have?? when all of our friends die are we going to keep our step?? u got such a great soul ... Keep it up!!


thank you for all the testimonials, insyaAllah there will be correction for some mistakes in the articles...

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