Monday, March 21, 2011


Assalamualaikum... Alhamdulillah after one-year period, I've completed my studies at Institut Bahasa Teikyo..  What a freaking clumsy experience! Anyway, it's nothing much.. just need to go on the flow.. My departure to Japan should be on march 22nd.. Unfortunately, Tsunami has covered all the places in Japan's northern part.. I was so sorry to hear such tragic incident anyway... the worst was at Sendai (miyagi ken).. My former class teacher was Sugimoto sensei, a.k.a Onimoto sensei! She came from sendai.. and all the family were there..  Luckily, all saved. It must be very hard to her as her father has undergone a very painful sickness.. She went home for the sake of her family.. Simultaneously, our departure to Japan should be this area of time.. I'm still waiting for the CEO, certificate of eligibility letter from my university; giving green light to stay in Japan for some years... without that letter I can't do my visa.. many friends started asking... "hey! r u really going?", "ur ticket will be postponed to?" and what so on.. I've no choice rather than open my ticket and MATSU SHIKA NAI (just wait!!).. the earthquake hits all part of north Japan.. n some seniors are there , they were lack of water supply, electricity.. But I'm sure Japan will recover within 2-3 years out of this matter.. sorry to hear that my dear!!
usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

watashi no sukina uta