Thursday, December 24, 2009


It's been 3-month time of hoildays for me.. sometimes holiday is tiring.. Today is the last Friday in Terengganu. That means by next week i got to have myself in KL.. Nagai aida!!! Nothing much to do at home.. Though some friends said to me "waa, yasumi ha nagaikara, ii na" and sometimes keep themselves jealous about this 'yasumi'(break).. still looking forward for knowledge to learn. It's not true to say knowledge is from book or lecture only,but it covers all parts of our life. Yesterday, my brother, afiq pouzi, abg hanif, and kak aisyah with her little sister were having a feast at Cikgu raina's house. The meal was so great; mee rebus, murtabak, puding,karipap hangus, kah3 and some stuffs..

We were having such an unforgettable experience there; laughing here and there, 'gossiping' here and there and advising one another. Cikgu Raina told us about the reality of nowadays students.. I did agree! Time buys our attitude or we ourselves put it off? feeling so bad with this matter, I scared of myself .. hopefully Allah will evade myself from such thing..

By the ways, we looked some photos of Cikgu Tengku Rugayah's wedding day. Wow, both of the bride and bridegroom were so awesome.. credit to Cikgu Raina for taking the pictures(taking from pendrive, hahah)!! Hope the marriage and the love will go on till the end of this world the hereafter, amin.. It was so fun.. and after that setting off to our homes.. Our best chef, abg hanif was solicited for his new recipe.. Owh no!! the chocolate puding makes my mouth watered .. Ano toki, I went to his house for Eid celebration and for clearer intention is to taste his new stuffs, hahaha so bad one... Yummy!! so nice.. plus with the nasi ayam ... so bad r two of us , olays eat r... hahha.. tokorode, I won't be able to experience this when trample my step to a new college life.. so sad! daijoubudesuyo.. I think that's all for today coz wanna fulfill the emptiness in my holidays' time.. thx for reading

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

watashi no sukina uta