Friday, August 21, 2009


After all this while, here comes Ramadhan el-mubarak.. I am so enraptured with this month .. No sensibility to feel the wearisome and to open my eyes on a tiredness.. I, as usual, need to continue my study as well.. By the way, my intermediate 3 tomodachi (friends) are quite nice.. they are so diligent!! What am I going to share today is about my non-muslim friends. Some of them are eager to fast as muslims do.. Though it's such a distant glimmer of hope to their doing, however it's one of the way where muslim should encourage them on such things.. First time I heard their voice on fasting, it made me so excited.. they got the idea of my religion's going to expose.. but still, it has nothing to do with their religious worship if they don't believe in verily one God..


How many years they had wasted their time for such thing.. And so do we, I think many muslim look down to this non-muslim group.. Indeed, they don't have the validity in their religious worship.. but try to evaluate ourselves .. have we gone so far like what they've done.. All sort of matters are controlled and monopolized by their way.. They never give in.. I read one article, by Ustaz Ann wang seng, he said missionary of muslim should get envied of christian society in term of spreading their target... I'm not going to dignify them but it's a fact that muslim have lost such thing... went to whispering misunderstanding... The issue of reconvert into other than Islam is one thing that we should put into consideration.. I attended a usrah which we were discussing on mualaf-murtad issue.. basically, we confess there are a lot of non-muslim converting into Islam but the number of reconverting into the original religion is also a"kowai desu" (eerie) .. one of the issue is on zakat!! The zakat should be distributed evenly to the right persons.. There should be a restriction of law to muslim who don't want to take out zakat!! And this month is the best to gain the stability of Islamic economy... We are kinda refuse to take many opportunities lie in this "mysterious" month... I supposed we as muslim to feel so happy to be a muslim for we'll save in this world and hereafter insyaAllah!!If I could recapture all of the memories and bring them to life surely I would hear the distant happiness, but they won't be so keen on Islam's issue.. Recently, I had a chatting again with my non-muslim.. That time we discussed about isra' mi'raj, 5 alams namely: alam roh, rahim, dunia, barzakh, and baqa'.. Though maybe he thought of ridiculous thing, but I felt so ureshii(happy) because I can explain to such thing.. I hope this ramadhan will open his heart to know more on Islam !! This post quite doesn't make any sense .. but I felt so satisfied of writing those words, he3.. sorry ya!!

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

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