Thursday, April 7, 2011


Assalamualaikum... I'm now in KLIA.. just having my branch near the international departure hall.. and am immaculately boring waiting for my parents' flight at 4.15pm.. nothing much to do.. just writing this blog.. from now on, I've to prepare myself for a new life without mum, dad, n others... what only I have is ISLAM.. anyway, just now, my uncle had paid me a call ; telling me good luck and jangan tinggal solat.. I'm so excited to hear those voices coz having urself in non-muslim country will get u prepared to all God-knows-for-what thingy.. How's ur faith? culture and ur relationship to God... last night was my last solat berjemaah with mum n dad.. during our second rakaat, I dont know why, I stopped reciting the al-fatihah coz my tears kept coming down... and I couldn't stand it... after finishing al fatihah I just recited Al-ikhlas for the next surah... I don't know why... I'm so scared who I would turn into... how would be my faith there and many things... I hope God will enlighten me to the very-path... nobody will advise u except u remember God.. it's not just a small matter coz I've seen with my own eyes there are many students from sekolah agama who turn into nothing... they look like they own no religion... drinking, clubbing and many things.. I hope God will strengthen my feet on His way... anyway, thx to CG RAINA n CHE WAN for coming to KT airport, CG AZIAH though we couldn't see one another's eyes.. I'm so glad to be born from sekolah agama.. at least I've the foundation... owh yeah! when I arrive Japan.. ONIYAMA (mum's friend) will fetch me up.. and I would stay for about one night! then directly go to hachiouji where I stay before having my own... still broing; seeing many people walking around ... my flight's gonna be at 11.30pm... so lmbat lagi laaa... Hope to see all jpa students today n youshimi would come to KLIA... nah nothing much to say; wanna layan fesbuk plak... thx for reading ... I'll keep u guys informed about me next time k? catch u guys later.. wasalam

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

Saturday, April 2, 2011


salam.. hey guys.. just wanna recommend to u guys my new blog.. As there's a new wave happening in my school, we would love to give u guys some exposures on economics.. u know what, many students especially from my former secondary school are so shocked towards our choice of choosing econs inspite of sciences field(engineering and medics) as we were from pure science field.. I've decided to go on this way coz I've seen new vision n mission in economic itself.. struggling for 5years for sciences and eventually u digress, hahha.. what people would voice out? anyway., it's been a normal thing for most of people to change their courses.. anyway, no need to cakap banyak.. just click on the link... (we've just started it, so the design might be so boring, i guess..) wasalam

KEIZAICONS - (click here)

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

I've never been so satisfied...

Salam... nah, a long day!!!! a long hour!!!! a long second!!! tik tok tik tok... it won't give me any single pleasure.. Last Thursday, after a very long period.. I received a call from Kimura-sensei ; soliciting me to go to IBT for the last process of VISA(can it really be a "last" or just a beginning. not sure).. anyway,
after receiving that COE(certificate of eligibility) then only I can complete all the processes... My flight's gonna be on Friday so as to give satisfactory to all the members.. Mum, dad, eeaa n yaya are going to follow me on flight from kt to klia.. so need to consider for their studies too.. so I choose to have the journey on Friday.. However, it comes new mondai(problem)..  Marcus, my friend who's gonna further to Teikyo University had decided to take his senpai's offer; living with him together for 6-month time.. AND I wud be free(jgn marah).. no lah just to say.. need to be so independent inspite of having friend to help me beside.. and by that time I wud live in my foster Japanese family in hachouji,tokyo.. just near the university.. what a relief!! no need to waste my time using the train.. hahah.. anyway, hope to be there till I graduate, but I spell a N.A.M.A.K.E for me.. hmm, anyway need to be independent n not to rely on anyone else.. I've prepared all stuffs.. and you should ask me what r they.. of course FOOD man! hahah 3/4 of a big knapsack is MAGGIE, CEREALS, ANLENE n blabla.. n one box of food.. should they charge me for smuggling, hahhaa... having the first day in Japan : that family will fetch me up at the Narita Airport and directly they'll bring me to their house.. making friends with many Japanese sometimes leading u to headache.. why not, 4 families want to fetch me up.. from OOITA, n TOKYO(3families from different areas).. but I choose to ease my dwelling process.. the shorter the distance from school the better... and I choose to be in hachouji itself.. just a walking distance from my university.. no more train's tickets, no more sweat(Rexona advertisement) and the most important thing is I wanna to live with a japanese family... it should be ok, right? anyway, InsyaAllah , I've planned many things to do : baito(part time job), travelling, saving money, USRAH n the most important thing is to be succeed in study.. anyway, hopefully God wil enlighten me to the way... pray for ya guys!! - catch u guys later in next post-

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

watashi no sukina uta