Saturday, August 8, 2009

If there's one spark of hope!!

I took my bath. Then as the water ran from my head to my feet, it reminded me of one television programme, Datuk Fadhilah kamsah's.. That day , he discussed about mualaf matter.. I started to think about it.. You know why?? Coz I have a lot of non-muslims friends and the same thing goes to my mum.. she always talks about what would be the next for her non-muslim friends.. A terrible feeling went into my soul.. I know I have a lot of sins but Alhamdulillah thank God, I still hold the faith of Islam.. In the show, there was a mualaf who told all of his life story before converting into islam.. One thing that attracted my attention was after he said the shahadatain, he took bath and the water was like washing away all the sins in him and turned into a fresh, new man.. I felt so sorry for all my non-muslim friends.. and I don't know what am i going to answer them if they come and redeem for not telling them the truth in the hereafter.. During our leisure time, i used to hang out with my non-muslim friends who are budist , protestant, and catholic ..

we hang out at One utama, sunway pyramid, and midvalley .. As it went on, I need to do the obligatory solah for five times .. and every solah time I'll go to surau and they'll keep an eye on my things .. time passed by, they got used to my religious activities and they had always asked weird question that muslims themselves never expected .. About my language class, I supposed that I got a good news and a bad news.. The good news is,my class is from 10am till 3pm, and i don't need to rush everyday.. and the bad one is my class is from Monday to Friday.. Owh my God! how's friday?? we got Friday solah.. Somehow, I need to skip my lesson.. Fortunately, the sensei (lecturer) agreed to add my extra lessons.. Every Friday, come to next class session late after recess time.. maybe around 2.30pm.. and all of my friends started having more questions about Islam .. why this and that.. I felt immaculately free to explain all kind of things.. they respect what my religion asks me to, and I said I respect theirs, too.. One day, one of my friends held a birthday party and he invited me.. I knew he understood my way.. then his family used Muslims' manpower for managing all the food and beverages.. I felt so happy on that .. and was the only muslim there .. they treat me like one part of family.. one of his women family member wanted to shake hand but then I refused because my religion forbids us to do so.. and it increased the curiosity in some of my friends.. then the party started at 7.20 pm ... Before that, I used my friend's room for maghrib solah .. they started the feast, while I was in the room.. Luckily, they don't keep dogs .. so I felt greatly comfortable.. after that, going down and helped myself with all the stuffs.. He3 so umai to oishii ( means delicious and tasty in japanese)... I sat at one table with all of my Japanese class students and we chatted a lot.. At that point of time, we started to discuss about what was I doing just now.. It opened the gateway of curiosity to ISLAM ..

I paid them some explanation that we cannot touch people that can be married(ajnabi) ... and they asked me "but why some muslims do the viceversating?" and I answered " that's the problem".. I told them don't judge a religion by looking at her followers .. and they understood .. We chatted for quite a long time.. and after that, personal photographing, he3 my pleasure!! ... His house was so huge and beautiful.. His house was the model for one home decoration magazine, I forgot what was the magazine.. It was freaking amazing! I like the pool side the most.. We took the photos just for the Japanese group.. he3 Then, the blowing-the-cake session!! I sat far away.. Then they sang "happy birthay", I just smiled and didn't go there.. Some asked me why did I do like that " C'mon don't feel down!" After that I sat down and chatted with him and I said in Islam we cannot do such thing.. Many of us don't know about blowing candle is one of a christian thingy, so I explained to him.. Then they served the cake... My friend didn't give the cake to me and he said "sorry for this.. I forgot to order the non-alcohol one" so I said that's ok!! then I enjoy myself chatting with them.. Then, we went back. I enjoyed myself there as I could do a simple usrah with non-muslim.. Then the day after that day was Sunday.. My weekend.. Didn't feel like going to Japan Foundation centre as the train was going to kill me.. plus , H1N1 was spreading that crazy.. so, early in the morning I chatted with akh Idris, The president of ISIUKM.. I look up for him very well... He's so awesome and I respect him very much.. I told him about this matter and I wanted him to give me his suggestion to my next step.. Then he said just keep doing usrah with them, I never thought that I could make this early step into such thing.. Then I chatted with one of my non-muslim friends, he asked me a lot about what I was doing last night.. and he kept asking me a lot of shitsumon(question).. I answered one by one of his questions.. Then, I said to him " u r always asking me about my religion, can I ask u then?" he replied "sure".. so I asked only three questions

1. Why trinity concept exist?
2. Why God dies for 3 days and 3 nights?
3. Why 1 is 3 and 3 is 1?

He just answered only the second question which was " it's not the God who dies but Jesus .. he will die for 3 days and resurect ,the first and the third were so hard" "Owh I just wanna know.. Thx" I replied....

We have finished our intermediate 2 level of Japanese Language, so we decided to go for ice-skating in Sunway Pyramid.. for me it was the best way to tell them more about my religion... then I went there.. We enjoyed a lot and I fell several times,too he3 .. They kept supporting.. it was the first time ok!! Then we found one place for our dinner, before that I left my stuffs to them and went to solat maghrib .. They understood .. wakattta!! when I came back, we started discussing about religions once again.. I tried open their minds about the religious things by giving some humans' theories and thought for example about E=mc2 , the theory of big bang by Albert Eistein and many more.. One of my friends is a budhist, so he doesn't eat beef.. Then the other budhist friends who didn't come for dinner said " My mum doesn't cook beef at home, but we eat em outside" so I asked about it to the "exist"-ed friend, then he replied " it seems like we are lying to urselves, right?" then I asked the catholic friend, " it's a must for protestant and catholic to go to church every sunday, rite? but why one of the other friends doesn't go?" so he replied" hmmm, it's like a sin" Then , I conclude to them, "it's not the religion to be accused for God-knows-what but their followers.. so don't say Islam is bad if you just look at the followers" then wakatta...!!! It was our last day there as they will stop their Japanese Course for they wanted to continue studying abroad, most of the are Alevel students.. I still continue mine.. and I'll see new students who continue for intermediate 3 .. and I hope there's one spark of hope for them to see what Islam is ......

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah


  1. what is wakatta? n one spark of hope stands for what? ur language is too awesome...n bombastic..hehe...n i'm really encouraged to read ur story..

  2. wakatta is the plain form of wakarimashita means = I understood .. and spark of hope stands for God's Guidance .. Mine is not bombastic but the term came out from my very soul.. thx for reading.. anyway who r u?

  3. sory 4 not appear in name..seriously,i'm ur secret the way,i mean ur blog..thx!

  4. a very great article, mate.. alhamdulillah there are still some non muslim who are open to such discussion.. but here, where i am now, they keep arguing on what islam asks their followers to do, and not to..

    the most frustrated thing is, the muslim themselves dont show the truth of islam.. the beautiful of islam..

    btw, sorry so much for not being here for a very long time.. hehe.. anyway, u should know, ur blog is one of the best.. hehe.. keep it up and keep blogging mate! :)

  5. to nasih : kamaimasen=it's ok.. hmm it seems so hard for you to go through with those things .. but believe in me, the complicated things turned up just because of your strength.. i can feel that matter growing in ur way.. and it's just a start to a new leaf and life.. just keep urself in jemaah so that u won't be caught by a "wolf" ...


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