Friday, September 18, 2009


 I wish happy eid to all muslims.. hopefully, the taqwa will be the best gift for our eid..!!

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

breaking danjiki at cikgu raina's house!

with my beloved brother, icad
salty kailam.. i just deal with gateau

chef raina the best!!

after breaking fast
before going to mosque

                                               usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'll hold it with both hands!

            Relief! I had a simple conversation with my friend last night. He told me of what hidden in his soul.. Seriously, I proud of him.. He decided to join that da'wah group in his university.. he told me that there's an usrah and he wud be in by next sem.. It was such a miracle! Allah will guide whoever He wants, and that happened to my friend. I think he found something in himself; the diamond in his heart.. he told me that his religious worship was so little and he felt an empty space in his life.. By looking through his cliques who join this group, they are able to score high mark and consequently a good result! He get envied of that group of students. But my friend is scared he won't be able to manage the study thingy.. I told him that whoever help the mission in spreading Islam's goal, Allah will help him.. Indeed! it stated in the Quran itself.. There's nothing can change our life except the verily creator one.. but then there's a misconception in jemaah matter now.. some tend to just get themselves in Islamic khusisiah activities and they just take for granted for their studies, jobs and as well as the society.. Yes. it does happen. For example, at my aunt's working place.. Some take an extra time to have their break with the reason of solah dhuha.. hmm! that's what muslim nowadays lack of.. and the quality of working is dandan(gradually in japanese) worsening.. it's one of examples, and absolute outside there are a lot of people especially in da'wah group, don't live a balance way of da'wah life.. if you read this my dear friend, you should know that you are lucky of getting some seniors who really want you to be in.. and you should know that you are the chosen one .. if you get envied of them and I sincerely, get envied of you.. so do use the chance to fulfill ur needs..

                                                usrah tunjang tarbiyah
           I believe in you that you would survive and increase all of your life quality : society, religious worship, curriculum and lot more.. Then, last night I gave you the videos and the pdf of mustafa masyhur's writting, thoriq da'wah is because I think you would turn up to boost the freezing mind in our society.. it's because you got a very brilliant and fresh brain to be used in this way.. and believe in me, Muslims now really need your strength and soul... you can balance ur study and ur life as well , insyaAllah but once you step in u can turn ur face back but don't walk backwards.. if it's in my grasp, I'll hold it with both hands!!!

(sorry for writting this but I'm proud of you)....

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

watashi no sukina uta