Sunday, July 12, 2009


What ukhwah means to you guys.. Relationship??? sharing??? caring?? it comes all memories I've gone through with all my friends.. It's so hard to be uttered just from my mouth the value of ukhwah.. Plus you are having difficulties together.. I would add more which is setting up the ambience of Islam (bi'ah solehah) .. I was just listening to a song entitled "nostalgia" by shoutul amal.. And my heart beats greatly.. and I send sms to salam and hanif ; telling about this.. Hanif replied me " ana sayang nta" .. Owh that's the thing that I would say as Allah's gift.. We don't really realize that love and relationship is a gift from God.. and it's becoming a real thing then if it's being led to His blessing as well as love.. I start to think about my schooling time and it really touches me deep inside.. I know there's nothing can replace the memories I've gone through with them.. Difficulties, smile, caring, sharing, fighting, protecting, defending and many more.. It's greater than a team of soccer players.. people would account as a weaknesses but that's our Prophet set up in Companies' heart ... the value of appreciating friends and say prays to them.. To all my friends at former school I would like to apology to you guys for my wrongdoing.. and hope this wont last forever amin.. may god bless u guys..

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usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

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  1. wa..sedy rasakan bile nak pisah nge kwn2 nanti...oh well dah suratan..jgn lupe add blog ame eh!


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