Saturday, July 11, 2009

it's worth the risk of burning to have a second chance

It has been a long time since I updated my latest entry.. Life goes on and on without our conscious!! I would be making my way within 3-4 months onwards to Japan.. It's not that much I would say once I brought myself to this place.. I'm now in Subang- Intercultural language school ICLS.. after a freaking clumsy day, I managed to have myself here.. It's a long way to tell all the thingy, but trust me there's nothing to do with yourselves if u just follow the wind of the urbanisation.. I can feel the changes here, it is not like I'm kinda rigid but I take a whole conclusion that we won't end up just because of the ambience!! Every time I feel the crush in my very heart's core.. It's going on deeper and deeper.. I just received sms from nasrul IQT, he solicited rememberance just because of feeling alone. I don't make up a real thing as I'm the one who's gonna have that way.. The sadness has wrapped my soul as "he" said that eerie thing about his life now.. I won't get myself apart from comrades!! Life is meaningless without God's guidance.. As I open my eyes they would be a lot of different cultures that I've never thought before.. what would happen next out there in Japan.. does life become harder and harder and I will find more weird cultures.. Akh Faez has reminded me all things about staying abroad !!! he reminds me many things and I don't feel like taking a long time to adapt with the cultures.. as it has to be anywhere you go there's spark of Islam so don't worry!! A lil bit worry...

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

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