Monday, July 20, 2009

よこそ Ramadhan

We've been waiting for this moment right? But it's not yet.. As what we were undergoing through previously, Ramadhan is one of the unforgettable moment in our lives.. for kids they are gathering with their old friends, playing firecrackers,going to "pasar malam", waking up for sahur and many more.. It's the best moment in life right.. But there are a lot of things that we don't discover ourselves about the treasure hidden behind Ramadhan, fasting month.. People who just fast and do nothing, might feel the month is so boring and meaningless, but those who aren't taking it for granted will feel a passion and as well as falling in love to the month.. One of the most amazing thing in ramadhan is on her Lailatu qadr, Qadr night which is better than hundred thousand months.. wow !! think about it when you just worship Him for that night, you are analogous to be worshiping Him for 84-year time.. It's so amazing to think of... I'm waiting for this month.. and hope to meet the lailatu qadr.. let's pray together that we might find the beauty of that night ,.... amin and last Yokoso Ramadhan!!1

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

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