Saturday, April 2, 2011


salam.. hey guys.. just wanna recommend to u guys my new blog.. As there's a new wave happening in my school, we would love to give u guys some exposures on economics.. u know what, many students especially from my former secondary school are so shocked towards our choice of choosing econs inspite of sciences field(engineering and medics) as we were from pure science field.. I've decided to go on this way coz I've seen new vision n mission in economic itself.. struggling for 5years for sciences and eventually u digress, hahha.. what people would voice out? anyway., it's been a normal thing for most of people to change their courses.. anyway, no need to cakap banyak.. just click on the link... (we've just started it, so the design might be so boring, i guess..) wasalam

KEIZAICONS - (click here)

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

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