Saturday, April 2, 2011

I've never been so satisfied...

Salam... nah, a long day!!!! a long hour!!!! a long second!!! tik tok tik tok... it won't give me any single pleasure.. Last Thursday, after a very long period.. I received a call from Kimura-sensei ; soliciting me to go to IBT for the last process of VISA(can it really be a "last" or just a beginning. not sure).. anyway,
after receiving that COE(certificate of eligibility) then only I can complete all the processes... My flight's gonna be on Friday so as to give satisfactory to all the members.. Mum, dad, eeaa n yaya are going to follow me on flight from kt to klia.. so need to consider for their studies too.. so I choose to have the journey on Friday.. However, it comes new mondai(problem)..  Marcus, my friend who's gonna further to Teikyo University had decided to take his senpai's offer; living with him together for 6-month time.. AND I wud be free(jgn marah).. no lah just to say.. need to be so independent inspite of having friend to help me beside.. and by that time I wud live in my foster Japanese family in hachouji,tokyo.. just near the university.. what a relief!! no need to waste my time using the train.. hahah.. anyway, hope to be there till I graduate, but I spell a N.A.M.A.K.E for me.. hmm, anyway need to be independent n not to rely on anyone else.. I've prepared all stuffs.. and you should ask me what r they.. of course FOOD man! hahah 3/4 of a big knapsack is MAGGIE, CEREALS, ANLENE n blabla.. n one box of food.. should they charge me for smuggling, hahhaa... having the first day in Japan : that family will fetch me up at the Narita Airport and directly they'll bring me to their house.. making friends with many Japanese sometimes leading u to headache.. why not, 4 families want to fetch me up.. from OOITA, n TOKYO(3families from different areas).. but I choose to ease my dwelling process.. the shorter the distance from school the better... and I choose to be in hachouji itself.. just a walking distance from my university.. no more train's tickets, no more sweat(Rexona advertisement) and the most important thing is I wanna to live with a japanese family... it should be ok, right? anyway, InsyaAllah , I've planned many things to do : baito(part time job), travelling, saving money, USRAH n the most important thing is to be succeed in study.. anyway, hopefully God wil enlighten me to the way... pray for ya guys!! - catch u guys later in next post-

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah


  1. lame xbce blog awk..xsgke.;))
    ur post still attract me to read more n more..
    i love reading ur life in japan..keep in blogging! i'm curious to know!
    ~sorry,,my english a little bit weak..;))


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