Thursday, April 7, 2011


Assalamualaikum... I'm now in KLIA.. just having my branch near the international departure hall.. and am immaculately boring waiting for my parents' flight at 4.15pm.. nothing much to do.. just writing this blog.. from now on, I've to prepare myself for a new life without mum, dad, n others... what only I have is ISLAM.. anyway, just now, my uncle had paid me a call ; telling me good luck and jangan tinggal solat.. I'm so excited to hear those voices coz having urself in non-muslim country will get u prepared to all God-knows-for-what thingy.. How's ur faith? culture and ur relationship to God... last night was my last solat berjemaah with mum n dad.. during our second rakaat, I dont know why, I stopped reciting the al-fatihah coz my tears kept coming down... and I couldn't stand it... after finishing al fatihah I just recited Al-ikhlas for the next surah... I don't know why... I'm so scared who I would turn into... how would be my faith there and many things... I hope God will enlighten me to the very-path... nobody will advise u except u remember God.. it's not just a small matter coz I've seen with my own eyes there are many students from sekolah agama who turn into nothing... they look like they own no religion... drinking, clubbing and many things.. I hope God will strengthen my feet on His way... anyway, thx to CG RAINA n CHE WAN for coming to KT airport, CG AZIAH though we couldn't see one another's eyes.. I'm so glad to be born from sekolah agama.. at least I've the foundation... owh yeah! when I arrive Japan.. ONIYAMA (mum's friend) will fetch me up.. and I would stay for about one night! then directly go to hachiouji where I stay before having my own... still broing; seeing many people walking around ... my flight's gonna be at 11.30pm... so lmbat lagi laaa... Hope to see all jpa students today n youshimi would come to KLIA... nah nothing much to say; wanna layan fesbuk plak... thx for reading ... I'll keep u guys informed about me next time k? catch u guys later.. wasalam

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

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