Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Sometimes there's a weird thing happening to you.. At that moment you are going to burst and feeling like suciding... Hmm you will say why this and why that...Syeikh Hassan (waliuAllah) stated that : the way how to overcome the world which are death, sick, failure and so on is just coming back to the fate and destiny. sometimes, we can utter the word of miracles from our mouth, but we arent able to utter that miracles via our actions. Many of us can say "be patient", but how many of us can follow the value of being patient.. The prophet s.a.w had stated in his narration about the measurement of our patience is during the first feeling of facing the test from Him.. It's like how do we behave just as getting the test.. Hmm just a simple article.. dont have much to think now.. he3
we'll meet at another post.. sorry!!!

usrah tubjang tarbiyyah

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