Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TJ Debate team

Last 20th april , I was joining TJ debate team to one match.. hehe to SMK Belara, Aiseyman!! Hmm still miss my previous time, I wasn't too satisfied with the match but overall they did the best.. The way how both of the teams answered the POI werent too sharp.. but I know TJ team can go further.. yeah!! Faez, halimi, k-rie, hasanah, piqah and arifah.. gambate.. miss ya guys. I hope TJ will recruit more and more debators coz I do believe in this activity will ascertain the leadership future.. tommorow will be the semi-final and final.. I hope they will do well.... also my appreciation is to be dedicated to Cg rokiah, the one who led them with all of suffers.. also to my previous coaches namely : cg fatimah,cg siti, cg raina, cg zawaiyah, cg fitri, cg mad, Encik Wan, and all the supporters.. hope there will be miracles in our team..yeah coz our highest achievement so far is #3 for national right.. why dont you guys try number one.. he3.. do join my group TJ Debate team in frenster ..

usrah tubjang tarbiyyah


  1. x bes ke dorang debat?
    kite x tahu menahu pon psl ni ><

  2. no.. I like what they did.. but they have to improve some skills..


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