Friday, March 20, 2009

it's a start!

Salam, the revolution of our thinking skills should become the first matter to be discussed before we argue about why Muslims nowadays don't seize a good achievement in life. It is none other than, we get ourselves into a digress path.. we might be feeling so great to hear and to be ruled under western system. Muslims may opt their system before put their next priority into islamic system. Islam is a way of life, which includes all sort of life's aspect starting from a very simple thing like family matters till the complex one such as politics. Now on, we need to put all these into considerations as well because the system that God has created will keep us save in this world and hereafter. God said in His holy quran , "O Mankind! There has come to you from your Guardian-Lord an exhortation, a prescription for the minds, a guidance and beneficence for those who believe" [10:57]. Many of us dispute about what is the significance of doing this and that? Looking through this issue, as a muslim we need to put our high trust in our soul to the particular system brought by Islam. we don't need to find new dimension rather than Islam, as Islam itself promises good prospectus to our future..
The caliph of mu'min, Umar el Khattab , said that " we are dignified by Allah with Islam, whoever wants to find dignity from other religion, Allah will marginalize us" The educational system that Allah teaches us has wholly aspects of humans' lives. Allah never puts onerous to the mankinds.. but human themselves feel the prohibited things play a role of blocking their needs.. Allah is the veryily creator to all of things in this cosmos, so He knows everything about what the ''need's'' and ''the need not's'' for us... so just follow them as one part of our worship..

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