Saturday, March 28, 2009

home decor time

He2 .. the picture was taken during home renovation

I took all the pictures but just certain angles, because the other parts didnt really complete.. my mother likes japanese or chinese style.. so she plans all the architecture's works.. how's it?? he2 by the way, If im not mistaken I've read one book about feng shui, it stated that chinese people make the home decoration based on their tradition, but we dont go on much on it.. just have fun with such wonderful things .. hmm among the earliest country that received Islam as their beliefs was none other than , china .. Malaysia herself got the influence from china too..


  1. nice house...hehe..yg nie jew bleh komen...xtaw nk komen pe...

  2. deco umah dah siap...x jemput dah org..ehehhehh...x taw nak komen apa gak sebenarnya

  3. nice home.home sweet home katakan.semoga berjaya didunia dan akhirat


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