Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Exam-oriented mind!!

The exam-oriented mind has become new challenges for all community especially in Malaysia. we might get ourselves into totally depression, suffers and paranoid of facing failure in examination. Once it goes on, many of us do not take into consideration about how the spiritual quotion (SQ) plays an important role of breaking this polemic. Nowadays, parents are more worried their children go home; showing their report cards with all "red marks", rather than feeling so worried about the moral degradation amongst the teenagers. We should come out with new dimension of thinking so that it becomes one part of our comitments. This world does not hold any responsibilities to change the behaviour of the teenagers, but the onerous are burdened onto our shoulders. Academic is one of the vital elements, but it does not mean for anything. As what we are facing now, many schools put academic level into high priority rather than the value in the students. Going through with this matter, all people must come out to reveal how the powerful of spiritual activities will ascertain the level of academic. It is not the issue of wasting time to do such things, but the main point is how sincere we are. Muslims nowadays dont realize that the Israeli had practised many Islamic life namely in their daily routine and as well as in their study.. But why we aren't in that boat.?? Israeli start their education during in their mothers' ovaries. The mothers answer the mathemathical questions in order to give a start to the babies. They eat like what the prophet (peace be upon him) taught us to: milk, nuts and fruits. They dont mix sea products with what on the land during their dinner, and that also was taught by Islam.. It's all about how we are going to show our obedience to the must worship one.. Let's explore the islam's scholars thousand years ago like Al-Imam As-Shafie, Usul fiqh inventor, he memorized and read the lessons that he was going to learn before the classes started, he used to do the qiamullail, he memorized the qur'an, he taught many people about Islam and many he did was what coming back to the blessing of the AlMighty one, and yet we know his life but there are still a few reasons to evade ourselves from worshipping Him with all of hearts,souls and slaving all of our entire lives to Him, the Most Gracious and The Most Merciful... One thing if we know the truth of Islamic way, we wont be pressing the students to get results with flying colour and we wont be pressing them to leave the islamic activities(usrah, taalim, Islamic talk, etc) as what they are doing are on our responsibilities!!! so strive for hereafter


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