Thursday, August 4, 2011

I've no mat and my apparels are dirty....HOW?

Salam, this is the mundane topic to be discussed about and it's not related to study-abroad students only, but many of muslims who live in muslim countries.. I had many experiences with such persons.. example, during my secondary school, we had a trip to Selangor and everytime we stopped at the R&R, he used to give this kind of excuses... and some of my acquaintance too... "aku semayang kat umah laa.." "sempat laa tu".. and so on.. immaculately harsh to be heard and the most worst part , they'll marginalized or what can I describe as giving out sarcastic words towards those perform-their-worship-ritual persons.. I couldn't bear that much...

          Scared to hurt someone or giving bad image of themselves, Japanese people have had respected our religion.. and I did have a conversation with some Japanese friend.."イスラム教のことを高校で習ったよ。。なんか優しくて。。。" and so on.. "I've learnt about Islam during my high school and they bring kind hearted and good images..." I nodded in my heart.. that's what I know about Islam from others' views.. but it won't bring much impacts nowadays.. muslims aren't being respected for they themselves scared being labeled as Islam..and I just got stuck !!!

As the Messenger of Allah Ta'ala prophesied:
"It is expected that nations will call other nations to share against you, as the feasters call each other to eat from the food in front of them in a large wooden plate. One of the companions asked, 'O Messenger of Allah, will this be because of our small number on that day?' And the Prophet said, 'No. Your number will be great. But you will be without substance, like the foam on the face of a river; and Allah will remove from the breasts of your enemies the fear of you; and Allah will throw wahn into your hearts.' One of the companions asked, 'What is wahn, O Allah's Apostle?' And the Prophet responded, "Wahn is to love this life, and to hate death!'

.. Indeed this happened nowadays right.. we hate the zionists , ironically at the same time we turn up to become their starbucks dealer, their McD supporters and etc...

        As I first arrived my university on the first day.. the eyes were on me all the ways.. apparently, a deer enters a village (sorry this is a direct translation of malay language idiom) means you become everyone's attention as a new comer.. anyway, I just couldn't stand it but nothing much you just need to take it for granted, right? Maybe, it's the same like when you see a MAT SALLEH(foreigner special for americans n europeans), all eyes are following till the end angle of the eyes and it includes YOU right? he3... I cared not about it much but how would I spend my time, my space for worship ritual had turned me into troubles.. It's not I didn't want to pray but all feelings about what they would say, and won't they expect you as a terrorist when they see the same ritual as the being-accused-as-terrorist brothers did... fiuh!! such a confusion! But thinking about being labeled or etc would just interrupt and bring you away from the verily Creator ... it's not human beings' blessing you are searching for but the God's... but believe in me... they know nothing about our prayer or to be frank about our religion...

      I never found any muslims at the University.. all are wearing short skirts, necklaces, blonde hairs, cross symbols and blablabla.... a little bit depressed but I know this is how those companions started their ways from a small amount of people.. While taking my ablution, all the Japanese did look at my actions and it brought uncomfortable feelings inside..but who cares, He sees me everyday even when I switched off the electrics , He never misses to have me on  His view.. and starting from that day till 2-month time , I prayed at the field, under the 9building, behind the postgraduate lecturers' rooms, at the corridors, in the classes and etc.. starting from those days I enjoyed praying anywhere even in a market, supermarket, war office.. I felt the freedom that I've never felt... the feelings that I never experienced in Malaysia where you need a MAT and you need a CLEAN apparels... as long as it is not NAJIS then we can perform the prayer.. stop being cheated with those ridiculous ideas... Islam never tortures you.. I found myself free from those ideas when I first stepped in an overseas country... a rule that I never thought I would practise if I were even in a what-so-called Islamic country.. actually I feel ashamed to call my own country an Islamic country.. I don't know why... I never found a brutal things in Japan like I did in Malaysia... but it can't be denied Japan herself owns negative values indeed because they don't believe in religion but what if they did, I can woe my own for having those youngsters with like-non-muslim attitudes...You can accuse me for a harsh word but it's the reality right? I'm sorry to say this but it does happen!!! How many from the youngsters who can't recite the al-fatihah? and apparently, who can't pray.. this doesnt include the one who doesn't want to pray... I have no idea about this... Oh Allah! give us the hidayah that leads to ur way, ameen....

I can say most of us know about the time line in Islam which brought up all well-known persons in the history.. we have Ibn sina, al-khawarizmi,ibn baitutah and etc.. muslims stand out and only could put their prides on these persons and keep saying their names related to the awesomeness of Islam, but we never point it out to us... why we couldn't repeat the same success as the prophet, companions and all the caliphate era's people did... and now this is the test.. this is the job that we hold on our shoulders.. nobody cares with this anymore... I hope even in me, there's more attempts towards finding the lights.. we believe in Islam and hereafter but do we really think we would reach there?

That a despotic and authoritarian regime will not be in power all the time. When munkars, tyranny and various forms of violations against Islamic values are increasingly rampant in a territory of the Islamic ummah, then the promise of Allah will come to pass, that the ruling regime at that time will be replaced with a generation or other regime that loves Allah and Allah loves them, humble toward the believers, powerful against the disbelievers; they strive in the cause of Allah and do not fear the blame of a critic (Q.S. al-Maidah: 54). 

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

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  1. This indeed refresh my mind today, i've been wondering few times before, what it is would like to be in a foreign country as you were a muslim...i've been thinking 'bout that a lots..hehehe...thank brothers!! you sharing sure came handy for me today! (^^)


thank you for all the testimonials, insyaAllah there will be correction for some mistakes in the articles...

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