Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SULTAN MIZAN STADIUM!! Disaster or rememberance??

I was shocked to what my niece, YAYA had said this morning bout that incident... Pergh!! It's the same like in bukit antarabangsa, highland tower and much more.. all related to the same reasons : structure, land, water and many more.. What if we swallow on our pride and just say it's human beings' mistakes,in short it is ours.. Many of us blame the structure of this world, the weaknesses of new engineers, the cheap materials and so on.. but they dont look this matter into the rememberance from god.. The almighty one wants to teach us something, the thing that we cannot see and think with our naked eyes and mind as well.. There's reason for the thing He did.. on the whole let's us altogether take this rememberance from God to be assimilate in our life.. Life goes meaningless without God's guidance...

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah


  1. hehe
    luckily im the first to be there
    i saw the incident first hand man
    firstly i was thinking just like you
    coz there's so much maksiat going on there
    luckily there's no one dead hehe
    just the same incident at Jaya shopping mall but different place
    just a few vehicles trapped inside
    what a joke

  2. salam..nak guna bahasa melayu.
    Jawapan bagi tajuk entri amir ; disaster or remembrance ialah..both of them. Secara ringkasnya:

    Maksiat di sana >> Disaster >> Rememberance

  3. Well, I'd like Intelligent Design, which is the theory that Allah or whoever created things, but thanks to extreme human pain and misery, I don't believe in God or Allah or anything like that. I hope I'm dead after I die.


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