Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I went to Pustaka Sri Intan to buy some stuffs for my sister. Then as usual I went to non-fiction English books. I love to see all kind of books as I always help myself to MPH to feel the passion , he3. Then, I read one by one the synopsis of some of the books. Suddenly, one book caught my attraction namely The History of God. Oh my god, it seems so controversial issue right? I didn't care how much the books digress from Islam's wants as Saidina Umar had said " Islam will disappear from one muslim if he doesn't know the truth of jahiliyah" I believe that word and that's why I do love to read some western books.. I read the summary of the book and it stated "the history of god - three big world religion : Islam, Judaism, Christianity"..

I feel it is the best way for me to know their understanding about muslims nowadays.. And it has to be that, the price didn't allow me to have the book at once.. then I went home and tried to search about her in internet.. I was so shock that she's not only writing such book but more than that.. she wrote a book entitled , ISLAM.. and that's was freaking amazing !! I watched her video in Youtube and she really wanted to fight about the issue of compassion, sharing, caring and other values that were emphasized by Islam thousand years ago.. I feel that she got the idea of what Islam's going to reveal to the world but what a pity that she doesn't get the guidance(hidayah) from god.. This ex-Jews follower has received an award,the Freedom of worship by the Roosevelt Institute and was called to give a talk by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. She also was one of the three winner of TED's conference.. She will open new dimension of thinking if she got the guidance from God.... "innaka tahdi man ahbabta walakinallah yahdi man yasyaa'"

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

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