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How you view economics?

                        salam, I feel all of us are blinded. Before I started having myself in economics field, I feel that economics system, economics cycle are of an exceedingly far away from my life. When I heard about economic stuffs, suddenly the words, RATE,CURRENCY,INFLATION,DEFLATION and etc came into my mind.. I never feel I'm in the environment of the contributor to the cycle of economics.. In a way, we don't feel we contribute to the prosperous and sophisticated development even we are,though.. Paradoxically, during my childhood time and even till before I entered my high school, I thought that Islamic economic principles were too simple and they didn't bring you to the peak(don't say like this).. naudzubillah.. we love to say those inflation words instead of stepping on the reality that we won't have the safest way rather than Islam.. I keep learning till I feel my opinions about Islam had turned into the correct way.. I give you one simple analogy.. so far, we've been told that and we apparently think that a politician must be the one who are driven to his destination with body-guards, wearing awesome apparels, living in a big house and they aren't so easy to be reached.. yeah, that was my opinion.. and it is a truth.. I was blinded, actually.. after a long period of learning, then it came one thing that struck me. the leadership of Umar abd Aziz really makes a sense.. the leadership the Prophet really makes you feel that he together with you contributing to the development and the civilization.. then you feel the responsibilities, but the thing that goes on now is we just let the rest to be managed by the upper level community and we don't feel we are contributing.. till, it comes dishonest in controlling, dishonest in distributing.. why a leader lives in a big bungalow while the country-men are still hoping for the best under a box-made house? why they can buy a piano and singing here and there with the resident are still under the burden of poverty and starvation? Even a non-muslim can think about this.. which is about HUMANITY.. all of the lower-level community, they just leave their hope to board an aeroplane, hope to eat mouth-watering delights, and hope to have a better education in the grasp of their hands.. but the mundane answer would be... it's a common thing! you have to accept the fact that you have no chance.. I look this as a big problem where we put a big gap between two communities and indeed it applies what capitalism set to us.. I went through a book entitled, Super freakonomics by steven D.levvit snd stephen J.Dubner.. they talked about economic issues in United States.. what attracted my attention was the issues of how prostitutes can generate economic states instead of becoming negative activities to the community. and absolutely, they work well with the crops.. it's not because they are given bribes but they're scared.. the prostitutes' activities become more jeopardy when they work with pimps.. and this what leads that country to the what-so-called "prosperity" where they gain much money on it.. how we look this matter in the angle of muslims or as asian people who are known as soft and kind group of people? in term of humanity, nobody can accept his or her daughter as a prostitute right? however, RAHMAT HIDAYAT BIN SABARI, Pusat Pengajian Sosial, Pembanggunan dan Persekitaran, from Program Antropologi dan Sosiologi, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia had stated in his research about how the sophisticated economics turned into negative ways.. 

                     "Pesisiran pantai dari Tanjung Tokong, Tanjung Bungah, Batu Ferringhi hingga ke Teluk Bahang, Pulau Pinang sudah lama menjadi tumpuan pelancong asing sehinggakan gah dan mahsyur nama Pulau Mutiara ini disebut orang sebagai Pulau Matahari, pantai dan seks setaraf dengan pantai tempat matahari terbenam di Phuket, Thailand atau pantai Kuta di bali, Indonesia.

Bagaimana pula dengan pantai Teluk Cempedak atau Pantai Cahaya Bulan di Pantai Timur?. Atau Pulau Langkawi, pulau lagenda yang sepanjang pantainya dijadikan trek berjoging untuk pelancong. Anak Langkawi yang dahulunya tidak pernah kenal botol arak, kini sudah berani meneguknya di sekitar chelet."

 I don't look this matter as a small problem but it will effect all the activities in Malaysia.. why we need to get involved in usury even if we know it is haram? Living in Japan exposes me this kind of thinking.. Japanese people won't enter your restaurants if you don't provide them with liquor... and most of the Pakistani muslims, indian muslims, arabians... they serve halal food with haram alcoholic drinks.. what kind of halal restaurant is this? believe in me even your business prospers, you won't receive the barakah.. and this is how people look on economics.. you can anything as long as you receive the money and here.. even in Malaysia, we still go on with the system that aptly illegal in Islam.. the system where they burden you, they burden the lower income people who will surely need to do loans for the survival of life.. and when we tie them with this kind of agreement they surely will be held between.. 

 Tremendous! giving and receiving loans is being discussed well between the scholars of Islam.. till the prophet said in his prayer to God for being evaded from the debts as debts will cause you to cheat and don't hold your words and promises properly.. there's one verse from the surah al-baqarah which is the longest verse in holy Quran.. it discusses about debts.. 

"O you who believe! when you transact a loan-transaction for a fixed time, then write it down. And let a scribe put it down between you equitably; nor should a scribe refuse to write since Allah has taught him, so let him write down. And let him upon whom is the liability dictate, and let him revere Allah, his Rabb, and let him not depreciate anything from it. But if he upon whom is the liability is lacking understanding, or is infirm, or has no capability of dictating by himself, then let his attorney dictate equitably. And call on to witness two witnesses from among your males; but if there be not two males, then a male and two females out of those whom you choose to be witnesses, so that if one of the two be in error then one of them may be able to remind the other. And let not the witnesses refuse when they are summoned. And do not neglect to write it down,- whether it be small or large,- along with its due time. This is more equitable in the sight of Allah, and more upright for evidence, and is the best that you do not doubt, except when it be a ready merchandise which you exchange among yourselves, in that case there is no blame on you if you do not write it. And have witnesses when you sell to one another; and let not a scribe be harmed nor a witness. And if you do then that is indeed a sin on you. And revere Allah; for Allah teaches you. And Allah is Knower of all things."

see! how debts, how the management is being emphasized by the Almighty God.. anyway, I'm not going to discuss it in detail here.. will be writing another post on there's a need to take our way back to the basic of the quran.. I would like to take the quotation from Tony Phua's writting...

" However, the market's growth in importance has also attracted some of the largest capital markets in the world such as the United Kingdom and Singapore to develop financial services and products to capture this market, which will result in a loss of market share for Malaysia. For example, one of the largest sukuk to date issued by Dubai Ports was written out of the London office of Barclays Capital in January 2006. And in August 2006, the first billion-dolar sukuk to be listed on the London Stock Exchange raise US$5billion. In addition, ambitious plans have been announced to make London the western capital of Islamic finance with the UK government's introduction of tax relief for sukuk March this year." - Tony Phua, (the tiger that lost its roar page 17)....

  With the burdens they've faced, they turned up to find the best solution for developing economic problems.. and immaculately it exists in Islam.. By the way, sukuk is Islamic principle of bond.. I hope we can open our eyes in order to grasp the transparent management and freedom in our lives.. Indeed, some people know smoking is bad but they still smoke.. and the same thing goes to this thingy.. we know Islam is the only solver for our problems but we never put ourselves in her.. and as the consequences, look at the economics now.. it affects the other aspects of life.. socialogy, education, and even the politics.. we need to think it back.. 


senyum dan xkate ape-ape... 

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