Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SHISHAMO...dont ask me why, i love it


this post maybe drives a different topic.. he3... I've watched "Assassin", a story about samurai period... where in the story,it tells about power abuse by many upper level community, especially the samurai.. they killed as they wanted.. But that's not the point I wanna emphasize.. There was an old man also acted as one of the heros who ended this power abuse.. and he used to eat SHISHAMO... wow!! It was so unique and I couldnt imagine how he can eat such thing after just grilling it... starting from that time I brought that curious and tried having myself with that ryouri( food).. and I became muchuu(addicted) to this japanese friend said to me "アミル君はお祖父さんみたいよ”"amiru-kun wa ojiisan mitaiyo" "u looked like an old man"....but who cares?!!  fulled with tamago(eggs) inside, waters my mouth everytime I have it in front of my eyes.. owh no, this thingy waters my mouth... anyway, if you guys wanna try, please order SHISHAMO satu!!! he3

 usrah tunjang tarbiyyah


  1. amir..bila ag nk blnja biha?..
    nmpk cm sedap je..

  2. yeah!!! bile biha free? jom kite pg makan ajak laa cdah skali..


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