Saturday, October 24, 2009

WAFA SULTAN ... what is the relevance??!!

A mundane sentence "sorry for a long silence". I would like to say it to you guys for having a long break from blogging thingy. I realized the development of Muslim themselves depends on how high is their confidence about Islam. Looking back to the history of Islam's achievement in many fields has really led my mind to this question "can we grasp the same achievement?" I answer to myself "of course we can". Still, looking on our teenagers and as well as the oldies, explains many destruction will occur. In the time, where muslim rise up to boycott the Israeli's product and to bann the development of their economics, here come a very ungrateful person who kill muslim with her words. I was just informed by my friend Abdus Salam and I checked it by my own attempts.. And indeed it's a holocaust matter.. Wafa Sultan, an ex-muslim who has removed the title of Islam in her life because she doesnt find the good things that suit to her needs. In Al-Baqarah, The AlMighty has revealed to us that sometimes our liking is not good for us and viceversa. So in facing those things we need to accept whatever God has commanded us . It's included in the aqidah matter. so by right , there's no short cut for us to reach peace except with Allah's guidance.. She has come with new idea that against Islam.. She was invited to a discussion in Al-Jazeera television show and was being questioned why this and why that.. She brought a hadith from The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The hadith was listed in hadith 40, number 8. In the hadith it explained that the Prophet must to fight with all human kinds who dont trust in God till they put their faith on God and the Prophet (pbuh).. She said Islam had categorized human into to two categories which are muslim and non-muslim. It's the answer to nowadays' war!! She asked muslim to stay out of other religions' matter. Let they decide what they like. Dr Yusof Qaradhawi had made a reflection to this discussion after listening via radio. He , firstly, commented on the reaction of Dr Faysal Al-Qasseem which was saying "sorry" to wafa and saying "Thank you". Al-Qaradhawi said, wafa has never known the truth in Quran and Hadith.. she doesn't have the true knowledge on Islam and suddenly made a very controversial statement. I would like give a reality of this life .. What if a sociology lecturer tries to give a question on sociology to medical student. He won't answer because he knows and realizes he doesn't master on sociology. And it's vice versa to a Medical lecturer towards a sociology student. However, in the issue of religion, nobody cares about the sensitivity of particular religion especially Islam.. Islam has been fought a long time ago.. Many people feel so impressive with the system of Islam but not many people support it. They speak whatever they like about Islam even they don't know whether it's true or false. Watching the television show has made my blood boiling! How come she disputs on the issue without her knowledge.. Plus, she has made conferences and talks about marginalizing Islam. The target to lead 6billion muslim out of Islam is being worked now. And we should aware of her "words". She said Islam is the spark of plug to a war. I reflect the statement by giving all the examples in Islam that we've already known . Islam has its own war rule. We don't start it except we get the attack from outsiders, we have war rules - killing trees, women, old folks, children are forbidden, worshipping building cannot be destroyed even though it's our enemies'. We don't start it till we get the command to do after an attack! The hadith means the non-muslim who are obviously don't follow Islam and as well as show their hate on Islam. Plus in the constituition of Madena, the first black and white constituition in the world.. and also the most perfect constituition in the world. It contained the rule not to attack other religions' worship unless they start it, and all human kinds are freely do their religious worshipping ritual but the truth one is Islam.. Indeed! we don't start the war or the cruelity is not existing in Islam's way. However, if we investigate the system of Christian, they particularly command the follower to find all non-christians to be baptised .. It's such a sin to them if they don't urge people to convert or choose christian as their religion somehow.. They used it in various way no matter by killing, bribing or the things that we never imagine in our normal human mind.. So don't blame on Islam if we don't know the truth of its way.. Islam has a very beautiful way and system that is created by the Verily God..    

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah

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