Monday, May 11, 2009


The issue of Hot money, Tobin tax, high volatilisation and many more have become new challenges for the economists all around the world nowadays. By looking through the deteriorated economic circumstances, we need to take new dimensions and some alternatives into consideration as it will ascertain a flourished social life. Some economists make doctrines to save this world and sometimes it seems an ideology to ensure the life span of certain level of community like business men, corporate men and so on. Margaret Thatcher has created new ideology about neo-liberalism which is TINA(There is no alternative). This ideology seems to oppress lower level of community. Therefore, by understanding the suffer faced by the citizens of this world, all of us need to open our eyes in every angle to change this unduly system into a harmony system.
Many people just do not realize that social is interrelated to the economic state. How the role of social helps the development of economy is one of the most important thing that we need to know. It is something like taking the public out of poverty, starvation and suffer can enhance the economic state. We have to trust in the principle of free-from-liberalisation ideology will ensure the long-term success. For example, the sophisticated countries like United state of America, Japan and Germany were having big deals with liberalisation state. Then, they turn into a new leaf by giving high priority to the economy that concerning about public. Consequently, the system has really raised them up in this challenging world.
This problem can be solved by changing our paradigm that we have to endeavour to find the true fundamental for making it on the right track. We might not realize that service can upgrade a country’s economy. That’s why Japan and other flourished countries looking forward for service sector like public administration, economy and business. So, to emanate as a world class nation, we need to focus on such matter by not omitting other sectors. For example, it is advisable to give priority to domestic market. What is the point of helping other citizens to go on well in this globalisation era, but we do not bother about our citizens themselves? So by relating the economy with social, it is believed that we can solve economic crisis and it is for long-term effect.
Other than that we need to look into the basic of public that can create new momentum for them to endeavour with optimum attempts. Hence, agricultural field must be focused by the government as it gives many advantages to the public. The food revolution that is estimated to occur by 10 years onwards has created many thoughts. Public need to be emphasized in this case and the greater the public bonds the greater the country is.. We are now should think why the wealthiness can't be distributed evenly.. It might be people think that, it's their rights to "taste" their attempts with the profit they have.. But do they think the money the get is none other than coming from the public that faces poverty, starvation, and even suffer.. The Iraq war turns up to become the most contributor to crisis of economy.. It led to so many boycotting issues that occur all around the world.. It did show that public determines the state of economy, so somehow we need to focus on how to ensure public is in well conditions..
On the whole I'm sure that we should think on how to ascertain the policies so that they put high priority into raising the public's sake...

usrah tubjang tarbiyyah

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